Tyson Kelly

Dreamworld Corroboree
Gold Coast

Tyson is a Torres Strait Islander, with family connections to Yam Island in the Central region. Following high school, Tyson initially gained experience in the hospitality industry in food service and bar operations. His foray into tourism came when he joined Australia Zoo as a zoo keeper where he cared for mammals and koalas and provided animal education experiences for visitors.

Tyson is now a Senior Indigenous Officer at Dreamworld Corroboree where he shares his culture with visitors from around the world. His role entails running Corroboree’s daily shows, education tours, cultural awareness training programs and work experience programs. Tyson also teaches the use of indigenous Australian artefacts and delivers Dreamworld Corroboree’s Girrebba Indigenous Cultural Program.

Tyson is keen to assist young people realise their potential and has developed a work experience program for young people at Dreamworld Corroboree. He is also currently working with his team at Dreamworld Corroboree to develop a school incursion program to share knowledge of Indigenous culture to Indigenous students to assist them identify and better understand their cultural heritage.

"Be proud of the person you want to be, not how others want you to be"

Tyson Kelly

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Tyson has undertaken a diverse range of training programs across sports and recreation, digital receptive technologies and hospitality and is working towards upgrading his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He has developed an exciting career in Indigenous tourism through providing cultural experiences to visitors from around the world and running cultural awareness training programs.

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