Simon Thornalley

Saltwater Eco Tours
Sunshine Coast

Simon is a descendant from the Torres Strait who grew up sailing the Queensland coastline with his family and has rarely left the ocean since. After completing his schooling on the Sunshine Coast, Simon knew he wanted to pursue a life on the sea so became a Master Class Captain and commercial diver.

Simon then gained extensive experience as a diver and rigger in marine offshore construction and maintenance, expedition sailing charters, commercial diving and tourism. He has crossed many oceans, working and exploring some of the most remote and isolated corners of the world.

Simon is passionate about the ocean, his Indigenous heritage and the environment which has led him to create a new cultural tourism business. He is now the Owner/Director of Saltwater Eco Tours, a unique experience which provides water-based tours in the Sunshine Coast to culturally significant sites to educate visitors about the connection between Indigenous culture and the ocean. Simon is keen to influence other young Indigenous people to pursue career opportunities connected to culture.

"Sustainable Tourism plays a crucial role in our society for many reasons, as custodians of our land we have an obligation to preserve the environment for future generations to come."

Simon Thornalley

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A passion for developing a career relating to the ocean led Simon to undertake extensive training to become a commercial diver, captain and dive medic technician. After transcending the world’s oceans in a range of career roles, Simon is now the owner of a tourism venture which connects Indigenous culture to the ocean.

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