Oliver Hinds

Emeraude Bistro

Oliver grew up in the hospitality business, working in his parents’ and family friends’ cafes and restaurants. On completing high school, Oliver moved to Brisbane and worked in various hospitality roles, fine-tuning his skills and attending university.

Oliver is now the Front of House Manager at Emeraude Bistro, a multi-award winning restaurant, known for its quality service and food. A major focus of Oliver’s role is building strong relationships with visitors. Oliver loves to tell the story of Emeraude; its prominence in the Southern Queensland Country and how it champions local producers through culinary delights. Oliver enjoys being part of a region that is actively creating great produce and eating experiences and boutique style accommodation.

Oliver is also involved with a local tourism group, High Country Hamlets, providing assistance in event planning and management and helping to put Toowoomba on the map as an unforgettable destination.

"The grass is greener where you water it"

Neil Barringham

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Having grown up in the hospitality business, Oliver moved straight into building his experience in Brisbane restaurants. As Front of House Manager of a restaurant in the Toowoomba region, Oliver is a passionate promoter of the Southern Queensland Country and aims to ensure visitors have a unique dining experience.

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