Leonard Donahue

Dreamworld Corroboree
Gold Coast

Originating from a small community in North Queensland, Leonard has pursued a career focused on indigenous tourism and the arts. Following high school, Leonard moved to Brisbane to study at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts and has since worked professionally in the industry in theatre, film and television, storytelling, music and dance.

As a Senior Indigenous Officer at Dreamworld Corroboree, Leonard educates guests on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, culture and stories. He enjoys working in tourism as it provides the opportunity to share the oldest culture in the world with guests from all parts of the globe.

In addition to his role at Dreamworld Corroboree, Leonard travels the country providing song, dance, poetry and story experiences to schools and communities. He is also a member of eXcelsior, a performing arts ensemble, which captivates Indigenous culture into a contemporary context and has performed at the Sydney Opera House, festivals around Australia and at Festival 2018 in the Commonwealth Games.

"To make history, you have to know history. Learn from the past, to create the future. Keeping knowledge and history alive, eXcelling forever upwards one must thrive."

Leonard Donahue

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Following high school, Leonard undertook professional study in the performing arts graduating from certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses. Leonard has extensive experience in Indigenous tourism through providing culture experiences to visitors from around the world and as a performing arts professional in dance, storytelling, music and theatre.

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