Corey Richards

Eromanga Natural History Museum

With a strong passion for promoting the diverse tourism experiences of Outback Queensland, Corey developed a unique, exciting career in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Regional Australia has always been a major part of Corey’s life. After studying a degree in Geography and attaining experience in business operations, an opportunity arose in 2017 for Corey to change his career focus and embark on a career in tourism which involved returning to Outback Queensland.

This move gave Corey the opportunity to take up the role of Visitor Program Assistant at the Eromanga Natural History Museum which discovers, preserves and displays Outback Australia’s dinosaur and fossil heritage, cultural heritage and natural history for the education and enjoyment of visitors. Over the past five years, Corey has worked his way up the ladder to become the Museum’s Operations Manager responsible for overseeing the facilities, governance and strategic direction, fundraising and human resource management. He co-designed the $6.6 million Museum facility and has overseen the continuous development of the Museum’s infrastructure, governance and marketing.

Corey has also developed a range of partnerships for the Museum and actively promotes the South-Western Queensland area and the Outback Queensland region. Playing a strong role in the development of paleo tourism, Corey enjoys the opportunity to immerse visitors in Queensland’s fossil and dinosaur history and enable them to undertake immersive experiences to learn how to discover and prepare ancient fossils.

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