Chanaya Warbrick

Birrunga Gallery & Dining

Following high school, Chanaya entered the hospitality industry where she gained experience in food and beverage, customer service, bar operations and assisting with events and promotions.

Chanaya then took up the opportunity to work for a community conservation management organisation on MacLeay Island assisting with conservation outreach programs and engagement with landowners on issues relating to conservation projects.

Returning to the hospitality sector, Chanaya joined Birrunga Gallery and Dining, an Indigenous arts and cultural hub that incorporates art gallery and exhibition space, a restaurant featuring First Nations inspired menus and function and events facilities. With a focus on the Gallery’s café and dining operations, Chanaya assists with food and beverage preparation, day-to-day operational issues and strives to provide a high level of customer service.

Chanaya is enthusiastic about promoting tourism services and products around First Nations culture and enjoys the opportunity to be part of showcasing indigenous art and food to visitors.

"You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing."

Alan Watts

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From a career start in food and beverage and then conservation management, Chanaya has focused on the hospitality sector and has developed experience in café operations, food and beverage and customer service. Working in an Indigenous art and dining venue provides her with the opportunity to promote her Indigenous culture to visitors.

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