Anthony Cora

Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Gold Coast

Since high school, Anthony has developed an exciting career promoting indigenous and cultural tourism to people from around the world. Anthony is an accomplished traditional dance performer with Jaran Dances and Yungembeh Aboriginal Dancers where he imparts his knowledge of the history and role of dance in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Anthony’s tourism career has taken him to his current role as Cultural Officer for the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre which provides a unique tourism experience on the Gold Coast through its walking tours, Aboriginal dance performances and Indigenous story-telling. In his role running guided cultural tours and delivering narrations and dreamtime stories, Anthony educates visitors from around the world on Aboriginal culture and history.

Anthony is passionate about promoting indigenous tourism and enjoys being the first point of contact many tourists have with Aboriginal culture and giving them an unforgettable, authentic cultural experience

"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise"

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With a desire to follow a career in indigenous tourism, Anthony has studied a Certificate III in Tourism and now runs cultural experiences for people from around the world educating visitors on Aboriginal culture and history. Anthony is an ambassador for his people and culture, ensuring it stays alive through sharing it with thousands of visitors annually.

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