About the program

The Young Tourism Leaders Program provides role models to encourage and inspire young people to consider a career in the tourism industry.

A bartender pouring a drink from a frosty silver cocktail shaker at a bar.
Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland Gold Coast, Queensland

Our Leaders have built successful careers in tourism and are keen to share a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice with young people.

They present in schools and engage with vocational and tertiary students, participating in careers events to share the stories of their careers, promote the diversity of work in tourism and provide insights on how to kickstart a career in tourism.

Our Young Tourism Leaders across the state play an important role in growing Queensland's tourism industry by helping to attract the workforce of the future.

The Young Tourism Leaders Program is an initiative of the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport, supported by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training and the Department of Education.

If you would like to invite a Young Tourism Leader to speak to your students, please contact us at ytl@dtis.qld.gov.au.